Wednesday, March 14

Luxembourg - Front


1. LE14
2. Faint Praise
3. We Only Stayed Together For The Kids
4. What The Housewives Don't Tell You
5. Single
6. Relief
7. Taking Cover
8. WC1
9. Sick Of DIY
10. Making Progress
11. Mishandled
12. Luxembourg vs Great Britain
13. Down A Sunny Street

Sunday, March 4

Mumm Ra - What Would Steve Do?

Label: Columbia

1. What Would Steve Do
2. Cute As
3. Without You



Mumm Ra - Out Of The Question

Label: Columbia

1. Out Of The Question
2. Clocks Tick Louder At The Dead Of Night
3. When The Lights Go Out
4. In Between Days
5. Out Of The Question


Tuesday, February 27

Ali Love - Camera On A Pole EP

Label: I Love

1. Camera On a Pole
2. Rock N Roll Control
3. Post Modern Blues
4. K Hole


Hot Chip - Sanfrandisco E-Pee


1. Sanfrandisco
2. Making Tracks
3. Leave
4. I Do
5. H.O.T.C.H.I.P


Monday, February 26

Jets To Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary

Label: Jade Tree

1. Sweet Avenue
2. Morning New Disease
3. After Hour Perfection
4. Sea Anenome
5. Deep Six The Sound
6. Conrad
7. I Typed For Miles
8. Crown Of The Valley
9. Resistance Is Futile
10. Starry Configurations
11. Lemon Yellow Black
12. Chinatown
13. King Medicine

Sunday, February 25

Ed Harcourt - From Every Sphere

Label: Heavenly
ASIN: B000088NF7

1. Bittersweetheart
2. All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed
3. Ghost Writer
4. The Birds Will Sing For Us
5. Sister Reneé
6. Undertaker Strut
7. Bleed A River Deep
8. Jetsetter
9. Watching The Sun Come Up
10. Fireflies Take Flight
11. Metaphorically Yours
12. From Every Sphere

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Friday, February 23

Hot Club De Paris - Drop It 'Til It Pops

Label: Moshi Moshi

1. Welcome Welcome To The Hot Club De Paris (Can I Get A Rewind)
2. Shipwreck
3. Clockwork Toy
4. 3:55 Am I Think We Should Go Home
5. Yes/No/Goodbye
6. Names And Names And Names
8. Snitches Get Stitches
9. Who Am I (What's My Name)
10. Welcome To The Hop
11. Bonded By Blood (A Song For Two Brothers)
12. Hello I Wrote A Song For You Called Welcome To The Jungle
13. Your Face Looks All Wrong
14. Everyeveryeverything

The band formed in early 2004 as part of the Liverpool music scene. They signed to Moshi Moshi Records in 2005, and have toured extensively around the UK and Europe. The have received airplay on a number of radio stations including BBC Radio1, BBC 6 Music and XFM London, whose DJ John Kennedy has championed the band. Kennedy claims that their debut album is the best of 2006.
Their debut album was released on October 9th 2006.
They have toured with a number of bands including Milburn and Maxïmo Park.
They have also played with Jamie T in October 2006 and Dirty Pretty Things in November and December 2006.
Hot Club de Paris is set to play at the 2007 SXSW music festival in Austin, TX. []

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Thursday, February 22

Tiny Dancers - Lions and Tigers and Lions

Label: Parlophone

1. 20 To 9
2. Hemsworth Hallway
3. Russian Snow
4. Sun Goes Down
5. Going Away

Tiny Dancers are a band from South Elmsall, UK. Based in Sheffield, they have toured almost constantly since signing to Parlophone in early 2006 - supporting acts as diverse as The Spinto Band, Richard Ashcroft, Larrikin Love and Bob Dylan. Their rootsy, country tinged sound is drawing early comparisons with heroes The Band and has seen them filed separately from the rest of the 'New Yorkshire' scene. A debut album, produced by John Leckie of the Stone Roses fame, is penciled in for a summer 2007 release.
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